I cheated.

Tonight I cheated. And it was not the first time. In fact, I cheated last week. And on the weekend. I couldn't help myself. Earl is away. And I just broke down. I did. I actually... when no one was looking... I ate a piece of chicken!!!! Aaaargghh!!!! There. I said it. It's out in… Continue reading I cheated.


Purim 2018

We love Purim and this year was no different! I love doing my kids make up and dressing them up. I ordered costumes online about 1 month ago. Some didn't come. Some came and were too small - so we improvised at the last minute!! But all in all from school parties to playing around,… Continue reading Purim 2018


More pleasurable than sushi

Last week my husband treated my nine year old. He went with her for sushi - just the two of them. And she loved it. When we lived in North America, sushi was a given. We ate it at least once a month at home, and at least once a month in a restaurant or… Continue reading More pleasurable than sushi


We finally did it

No matter that we had lots of last minute things that came up; no matter that we cancelled our plans to go away for the night; we bit the bullet, at the insistence of our kids, hopped in the car and drove to Tel Aviv. That's the awesome thing about living here. Less than an… Continue reading We finally did it

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Sushi Sundays

I like to cook healthily.  I like my kids to eat vegetables, and unfortunately- it takes the most time to prepare. So Sunday's have become sushi/summer roll nights. I decided to put my Skillshare course on knife handling to good use. I'll post my video. I really actually enjoyed taking this 12min course. Check it… Continue reading Sushi Sundays


The human experiment

I've always been into self help books. Maxing out on making this the best life possible. Always have been ambitious. And now at the ripe old age of 44, I'm taking a long hard deep look at my life. There is a lot of blessing. Baruch HaShem. But there is also a lot of chaos.… Continue reading The human experiment


3 years old today!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Talya Nava! Her English Birthday is Feb 4th, but today 3 years ago, I was induced and after a gruelling 11 hour labour( 5th kid), my gorgeous girl came into this world! And with her she brought the Joys of spring. I only realized after giving birth that she was actually… Continue reading 3 years old today!


Plug for my daughter

I don't really like to speak about my kids online.... But I just wanted to post some of my 15 year olds pics that she has taken over the course of being here. She has been in a high school, where she majors in photography and film making, and she has done phenomenally well. I… Continue reading Plug for my daughter


Happy birthday 

Today would've been my dads birthday. The 12 Nov was always an immense day of celebration. Not necessarily in the form of a party, but as a family, we all revered and idolized my father, and being with him on his birthday meant a lot to all of us. Everything about my dad was big,… Continue reading Happy birthday 



This is an only in Israel story. Took mic to the hairdresser this morning. It's a trendy salon on a funky street. The hairdresser himself is an uber trendoid. ( he gave Talya her funky do). The clientele consisted of an older women dying her hair platinum blonde. A man getting a bald shave, another… Continue reading Obviously